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Bruker Avance 300 MHz Spectrometer

This spectrometer is located in Remsen Hall Room B25.

  • Magnet:
    • Bruker UltraShield 300 MHz/54mm bore
  • Console:
    • AVANCE I, dual channel
  • Probes:
    • 5mm Double Resonance Broadband Observe (BBOF) probe with Z-Gradient
      • Used for routine 1D and 2D experiments
      • Tunable to 19F on the X (observe) and H (decoupling) channels
      • Equipped with an automatic tune and match accessory
      • X tuning range: 19F (282.403 MHz), 31P (121.497 MHz) to 97Mo (19.966 MHz)
    • Low temperature capability using liq-N2 dewars. Variable temperature range of the probe is from -150oC to +180oC.